Close-up lamp encourages users to interact and ­allows to experiment by discovering the possibilities that ­gives light in combination with the magnifier. User can play with the effects by bringing a lens ­further or closer to the source of light. When we move the glass away, the glow becomes smaller and sharper till the point that we can actually see the bulb reflection, whereas when we zoom in, the stream of light gets dispersed. There is also the possibility to move the lens from direct axis of the bulb so that we can observe the additional reflects appearing on the wall or in space. Thanks to it’s functionalities the lamp allows to ­quickly and effectively change the entire character of the ­space. It can make the room intimate and peaceful but also full of live and vibrant. The playful character of the object is emphasized by the bright colors combined with the ash wood ­elements.

H 160 cm R 15 cm

Ash wood, aluminum, magnifier, elastic

made in 2018