Washing rack from definition are the kind of objects that it’s there when needed it, to be quickly taken away after use. In the ideal world we would like them to be invisible.But from my observation we all use them on daily basis. In fact we use them more often than many other well designed things that we have in our house. That is why I challenged myself to make an object with its own character and attractiveness, an object which we don’t need and don’t want to remove after use.My washing rack is constructed from two parts, one is entirely dedicated to hang our wet clothes, the other to separate, the laundry that need to be washed. The second part of ash frame is cowered with the crochet structure in which you can place laundry bags and remove them when needed. The top joint of the object has been extended so that you can additionally place there your changers with clothes.

H 180 cm W 180 cm D 90 cm 

Ash wood, cotton strings

made in 2018