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The object as a permanent matter has the ability to make the past present and tangible. It reminds about itself, asks for attention and does not let you forget. Today, digital devices are the main media of memories. We keep more and more important personal items in an intangible form. The way in which we store memories has an impact on how often we return to them. Moreover, it has an impact on whether we share them with loved ones, which also affects the formation of our memory.

Nowadays, technology gives us unlimited possibilities to document our lives. As a result, storing, but also managing huge amounts of files is difficult. We get lost in excess and cannot find the memories that are important to us. Thus, Nido figures are the guardians of our memories. Their function is to materialize, anchor and record personal keepsakes. There is a hidden USB memory stick in each of the Nido objects, which can be filled with files containing significant memories. The Nido set encourages you to select things that are really important and give them a special place. 

The designed objects do not reveal any functions to the user with their form. They are like secret boxes or hiding places, which only their owner knows what it is and where to find it. Made of durable and noble materials, they contrast with their surroundings. The figures encourage us to share the hidden memories and can also become the initiators of many conversations.

barrel: H 12 cm W 8 cm D 8cm cone: H 12 cm W 7 cm D 7 cm

circle: H 12 cm W 10 cm D 4,5 cm cube: H 10 cm W 10 cm D 10 cm

walnut wood wood, porcelain

made in 2019 

make me 2019 finalist.png